Daily Archives: July 25, 2011

Yes, I STOLE This Meme…Deal With It!

“Cuz, you know, ninjas.”

Look at that up there.

Isn’t it awesome?

Who cannot relate?  (a show of hands will do, unless…you know, you are a ninja and then I’m not going to see you unless you take off the black hood-thingy)

And, who couldn’t use this as an excuse for….oh…EVERYTHING.

“Why were you speeding?”

“Why are you late? Again?”

“What happened to the last of the _________(fill in the blank – pie, espresso, aged brie, gin, Xanax)?”

“Why didn’t you finish____________(again, this is good for multiple uses – your homework, the yard, the laundry)?”

Yes, it’s my go-to excuse from now on. 

Just don’t tell any real ninjas.

Or do.

It won’t matter, I’ll never see them coming…cuz, you know….ninjas.

Ninjas start young, don't they?