Okay, we are all grown-ups here, right?   Right? 

And we can all agree that profanity is pretty much the norm nowadays.



(note to self – stop using “right” so much)


(and “anywho”)

That I could go around all day, dropping the “F” bomb at every transgression I perceive is a given. 

Gone is the shock value.  Gone is the impact.  It’s all just…gone.

So, what’s the fun in that?

There is none.

Which brings me (finally) to my point.

What word, or words, do you use to avoid profanity – especially around the kiddies?

My mother, who could put a sailor to shame, was rather fond of – ratsnagglefrumnitzferhaversham.  Yeah, try saying that ten times fast.

Me, I have a couple:


Shut the front door!

But, my favorite…by far…is the one I heard my five year-old granddaughter say one day upon discovering a spill on the kitchen floor.

“What the flippity-flop is that?”

She got it from her mother, my daughter, who could also shame a sailor before she had kids. 

Ten points for creativity.

Now, what do you use?

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  1. When I’m around my nieces I use


    mother-loving nutcracker

    shifty nickels

  2. Let’s see…

    My mother used to use “Son of a Biscuit.” I’ve altered that to fit my own quirkiness by using “Son of a Monkey.”

    My husband adopted the Battle Star Galactica “Frack.”

    “Blarglefargin” is usually the swear I use in frustration.


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