Mr. Wasp and the Wand of Doom

Let me start by introducing you to my leetle fren:

$0.89 Doomsday Device

This is the Wand of Doom, or WOD if you prefer.   Insert your own inappropriate joke right here_________________________.

And this is what happens when the WOD meets Mr. Waspy Wasp – and if you are squeamish, or a member of the All-Life-Is-Sacred-How-Dare-You club, do NOT scroll down:

Mr. Waspy Wasp, post-mortem

 Let this serve as a warning to all the wasps out there.

I am armed now.

And you will die if you buzz my head while I’m trying to surf the ‘Net work.


Posted on August 2, 2011, in Maybe I'm The Only One Who Thinks This Is Funny, Random Crap and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.


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