Guess What?

Wait, did I already use that title in a post…..

*almost looks, then decides she’s too lazy*


Where was I?

Oh yeah…guess what?

It’s hot in Texas.

News flash.  It’s August and it’s hot in Texas.

Hot heat is hot…in Texas.

See?  And that’s in the shade.

Where was I going with this?  I forgot, because it’s HOT in TEXAS!
Oh, yes…it’s really hot and did I mention it’s hot?
Normally, it’s hot in the summer here, but this is Death Valley hot.  No, this is surface of the sun hot.
It’s so hot, several radio stations have taken to experimenting with cooking in the car. 
Mostly, they got gooey cookie dough and slightly congealed egg whites for their efforts.  
Me?   I got blisters on my feet from being lazy.  
Maybe I should explain – see I went outside on the back (concrete) porch for a second to I don’t know..see how how hot it is?…and burned my feet in the shade.
Yes, it’s so hot that the concrete will burn your feet.  Even in the shade.
*note to self – take a moment to slip on those flip-flops from now on, because after 36 years in Texas you can’t seem to remember that it’s HOT in the summer here*
Last week, we had a tropical storm visit.  His name was Don.
I come bearing gifts!

 As we all prepared for the deluge, somebody shut the front door and Don dissipated over South Texas.


I can’t count how many times I heard some meterolozo metrozi weatherman marvel at the fact that Don had dissipated. There was much clucking and marveling going on at the Weather Channel.

Marvel this, buddy.

It’s HOT and my brain is a puddle in my head.

Would you care to meet the Wand of Doom?

You keep marveling at our heat and lack of rain, and you will.

You will….just let me find my flip-flops…


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  1. I did that the other day. I went out onto the back porch to take down some laundry and ended up burning my feet because I forgot to put my shoes on.

  2. *Drops another marble in the “DON’T EVER LIVE IN TEXAX” jar.*

    Seeing as I find 85º debilitatingly hot… yeah.


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