I have nothing to say, nothing to wax poetic or blog poetic or whatever poetic about today.


I know, hard to believe I can’t bloviate on something or wax on something or something on something.


So, you tell me about you in the comments…go ahead, no one reads this blog except the two of us.¬†

And, for inspiration….


Oh hai! Yes, I inspire...terror, that is.

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  1. I… I….can’t think this early in the morning. Oh… I know. I gave up caffeine two months ago. Do you think it was a mistake?

    • Woman – giving up caffeine is not only a mistake, but it’s downright sacrilege!

      The only way to make up for it is to get thee to a Starbucks, immediately, and order a double-espresso with an extra shot!

      Then, watch out world – here comes L-squared!

  2. I think the badger looks like a vampire.

  3. Addicted Reader

    Yup, terror.

  4. I am eating leftover chicken enchilada’s, spanish rice and refried black beans…I have enough to share. The badger looks hungry.


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