Things That Maybe Go BOOM!

A Plano-based toy manufacturing company played a really big part in saving the lives of six soldiers in Afghanistan.

Plano, a suburb of Dallas, is home to Traxxas – a specialty toymaker.

This ain’t your kids’ radio-controlled trucks, cars and boats.   The high-end products Traxxas manufactures are outfitted with water-resistant electronics and toughbody construction.

Tough enough to withstand the blast from 500 lbs. of explosives?

Well…no…but tough enough to trip the wire that set off those explosives, and right now there are six very happy families whose loved ones are safe because a little toy truck, called the “Stampede”, took one for the team during a recon mission.

I am one bad-ass muthuh!

Of course, since it was under warranty, a Traxxas spokesman said the truck will be replaced with a newer model.


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  1. That is brilliant! They should be sending more of those trucks over there to do the same thing.

  2. Addicted Reader


  3. These are indeed a wonderful tool used by our soldiers. My stepson is Navy EOD in his sixth month of deployment in Afghanistan and this, as well as other radio-controlled robot units, are used extensively by them in their work.

  4. There were two EOD techs on the helicopter that got shot down. We pray for him and all his military family team members every minute of every day until they are all home safe. Their nickname for themselves is “live bait.” We are scheduled to begin breathing again when he is home.


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