Seriously. What Is It With the Appliances in My House?

First my freezer and now my refrigerator!  It is seriously incontinent, and I’m so tired of cleaning water up from the shelves, bottom and kitchen floor that I’m considering retrofitting a Depends undergarment on it.

And it is freezing….everything.

Except when it’s not and I’m mopping up the water.

According to my go-to appliance guru I have a stuck thermostat.

What is that?

About $200.


Was there some kind of organized major appliance revolt I missed hearing about on CNN?  A flash mob?  

I just want you to know, washer and dryer, that I’m watching you…very closely.


Posted on August 22, 2011, in Maybe I'm The Only One Who Thinks This Is Funny, Random Crap, What the flippity-flop? and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. I had a computer printer that routinely ate my documents in college. Usually if I threatened to boot it out the window, it would behave.

  2. Hmm… the last time I recall all my appliances fritzing out at the same time, I was kidnapped by aliens… OMG… run now!!!

  3. *grabs tinfoil hat*

    I think I’m protected from the aliens, but the zomb….

  4. So, for $60 I found out two things.

    1. Water freezes and will freeze in the most inopportune places, and then it thaws and creates a new brand of refrigerator – the Incontinence 2011.

    2. Water that escapes its normal refrigerator pathways and ends up in every available space you don’t want it is often caused by the last person who “fixed” your refrigerator and his wayward screwdriver…..and worse yet….this happened 3 years ago and until last week the I-2011 hadn’t reached critical mass. Of course.


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