Daily Archives: August 31, 2011

Nazi – What? You Were Expecting a Post?

Yeah, I know you (all four of you).  You think that just because it’s Wednesday there’s going to be a post waiting for you, don’t you?

Well, you’re absolutely right.

Does this look like a CD or DVD cover to you?

Tell me you have never wanted to ask your post man/woman if they always ring twice or not.

p.s. wondering why this post contains the word “Nazi” in the title?  It’s a little experiment.  You see, my Fish Nazi post generated a gozillion page views, then the one yesterday…about inadequacies and elephants…only generated a handful.  I’m checking to see if the word “nazi” is what drives my site traffic which if it does will make me wonder what that says about me…or you…no, definitely you.