The Most Fascinating Thing

I took two of my grandkids to Mickey D’s Sunday afternoon.  We, and by “we” I don’t mean hubby and I…because you know FOOTBALL…I mean “I” had agreed to babysit them for a while so their Mommy could attend a meeting.

Knowing they’re six and four and there’s nothing better than a huge indoor playground I decided to take them to our local Mickey D’s for some ice cream, french fries, soda and playtime with other little hellions like them.

They had platforms:

Those two little monkeys are my grandkids.
And gigantic tube slides:

Gi-normous structure - with twisty slides. Awesome.

And these connecting tubes that swayed or bounced:

Long crawl-through tubes connecting both sides of the huge slide-crawly structure. Kid heaven.

And the tubes connected both sides of the structure:

Super fast slides on this side, according to my granddaughter.

But every bit of this fun was outclassed by this:

What's under there? Don't ask.

Before there was a yellow cone, there was an impressive pile of french-fry laced vomit.  And, every kid in the room had to investigate.  One boy simply couldn’t stay away from it and one little girl stepped in it barefoot and proceeded to smear the stuff all over that blue platform to the left.  I giggled uncontrollably, but one mom was on the verge of fainting and ran frantically to the manager screaming for a vat of disinfectant, a haz-mat suit for everyone in the room, a biohazard team from FEMA and I’m pretty sure the declaration of a disaster area for the entire restaurant.  It was awesome. 

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  1. I can’t help but wonder how she reacted when her kid was still in diapers.

    • Not only that, but this woman had an infant son with snot running from both nostrils. Didn’t seem to bother her at all. Maybe when it’s her kids, it’s no big deal.

      Honestly, though, I think her reactions were the most comical and made me laugh the most. She was nearly hysterical.

      I just pointed to the pile, told the kids to avoid it and that was that.

  2. Funny post! You’re right, people nearly run for the HAZMAT suits when they see anything these days and it probably freaks the kids out and makes them think they did something really wrong to upset everyone so much.

    I was just thinking that when my kids were little they never puked at McDonald’s playland because the moment they saw all the play equipment they never ate a bite of their meals anyway! The ordering of food was only to get them in the door and to later play with the stupid plastic toy!

    • When we got there I asked them if they wanted anything and they both said no.

      I was hungry, and not planning on running around the playground, so I got some fries and a drink.

      Every time they came back to the table they took some of my fries and drank some of my drink so I finally got them their own…and ice cream.

      I don’t know how we got to be such germophobes, but it’s really quite ridiculous sometimes.

  3. Agreed!


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