Daily Archives: September 20, 2011

The Practical Side of Darth Vader

According to my  4-yr. old grandson, here’s the truth about Darth Vader’s eating habits.

“If he has spaghetti he can just eat it through the holes.”

And, because evil minions of the Emperor must keep up appearances..

“Does he have two helmets in case one gets dirty?”

What to do in case of light saber emergencies and the need to hear…

“Can he hear when he gets hit in the head with a light saber? But not with the one ear… the one that is all burned up?”

Alas, we don’t know what happens to Vader’s hearing if he gets whacked with the light saber in the head.  I always thought that anything whacked with a light saber was separated from its former home.  In that case whether or not he could hear would be a moot point, right?

I may be the evil Lord of the Dark Side, but I can't cross the street without holding your hand.