Big Feet

I have found the elusive sassquiditch  sawskwatch  sis-boom-bahtch  umm…Bigfoot.

No, really I have.

He’s in Texas and because it’s like elebenty-hunnert degrees here all summer, he’s shaved his hair off…except for on his head. 

And, he wears glasses and get this he works for an insurance company.

He walked by my office, just like in this photo…

He looked just like this, stance and all, except less hairy and more inside a building-ish.

There I was, sitting at my desk, collating or maybe I was surfing…no, definitely collating as I am a very productive worker bee.

At first I only caught a glimpse of an arm as it entered the left side of my doorway, and then Bigfoot walked right in front of me!  Of course the top of his head was kinda out of my sight as it extended above the door frame.  They do not call him “Bigfoot” for nothin’.

Where’s a camera when you need one?

I’m thinking of calling one of those Discovery Channel shows that spends hours upon hours in the dark, always in the cold and always at night chasing shadows and sounds that turn out to be coyotes or dogs or something…once I think it was an elk.

I need to tell them they are wasting their time.  Bigfoot works for an insurance company in Texas, and he left me his business card.

Well, of course it doesn’t say “Bigfoot” on it.  He’s incognito people.


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  1. collating is waaaay more fun than surfing.

  2. maybe he’s got a slogan like: “15 minutes to SHAVE 15% off car insurance” You should check his card!


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