Mom 911!!!!!!

That was the text message that I got last week from my oldest daughter.  My first thought was…


I began to dial her number when I got the second text…

“I’m at daughter’s school and we are on lockdown. I’m terrified, what do I do?”

Holy shit.

This is not what you think you’ll hear when all your daughter was doing was having a simple little teacher conference regarding your six year old granddaughter.

It’s just not.

I begin checking every radio station, every local news website and finding…


Maybe the authorities were keeping it hush-hush. 

Maybe there’s someone in the school, armed and dangerous.

Maybe some disgruntled ex-employee/spouse/significant other is loose in the school, ready to exact revenge by killing a bunch of kids and teachers (and random parents just there for a simple conference).

And, the thoughts went downhill from there.

I picture this guy, going room to room looking for random victims

I send her texts…

“Can’t find anything on the news.”  “What’s happening?” “Are you okay?”

I get no responses…the mind reels.

My other daughter (Baby Girl) calls, she’s frantic as her sister has also texted her and is trying to get a message to her husband.  My baby girl is near tears.  Her big sister is in danger and there’s nothing she can do.  “Mom, I’ll get a hold of her husband.  It’ll give me something to do.”

Baby Girl is pregnant and already emotional enough.  Now, she’s near panic.

“Okay, honey…I’ll see if I can find out anything.”

I send my hubby a text and tell him what’s going on.

No sooner do I send it than my oldest daughter texts me again.

“OMG! It was a DRILL!!!!!!!!!!”

I laugh, nervously and my phone rings.  It’s hubby and he’s alarmed. I quickly explain it was a drill.  He’s confused and so am I. 

Didn’t anyone get the memo there’d be a drill?

Apparently not, which is what I found out later that day when oldest daughter called me.

Daughter:  Oh my God, Mom! It was so scary! The principal comes on the intercom and says the school is on lockdown.  I was in the classroom with daughter’s class and her teacher turned off the light and locked the door and then we were all supposed to be very quiet.  Mom, these kids are 6 years old! Do you know how hard it is for them to be quiet? 

Me: (chuckling nervously, I’m still rattled) Uh..yeah.   I heard you were trying to get ahold of your younger brother during all this.  Why? You do know that if there is a real lockdown no one can get near the school, right?

Daughter: Yeah, but he has GUNS Mom!

Me: (this time I laugh out loud at my bleeding heart liberal daughter – politically we are polar opposites) Oh…so NOW you want guns, do you?

Daughter: Hell yes! And, it gets worse, Mom.  I was remarkably calm the whole time, which for me is a minor miracle you know, and all I could think of was how I needed a knife or something.

Me: For protection, it’s only natural.  I’m guessing that since no one was notified of this “drill” that the object was to find out how the staff and students would react in a perceived real emergency.

Daughter: I guess so, but Mom there were fully half the teachers and students in complete meltdown afterwards.  I was a little shell-shocked but really I’m fine.  And surprised.  I didn’t know I’d react so calmly, especially since I freak out at the littlest things.

Me: Well, maybe it’s the big things you are prepared for because your children are depending on you.

Daughter: Yeah, I just kept thinking about them.  I had younger son with me, too, and I kept asking teacher if she had a knife or something.  Apparently, dangerous situations make me all stabbity.

Me: (laughing really hard now) My new motto – “Warning: Danger makes me stabbity and I decide what’s dangerous”

Oooh…I am totally getting her this t-shirt for Christmas.  Totally.

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  1. OMG, I was in a panic reading it, until it was mentioned it was a DRILL! Your following conversation, quite funny! Stabbity.. I like

  2. I totally need to make that T-shit for the next Gaming Convention!

    And as far as the “Liberal with a Gun” thing. Hell yes! I was a mildly anti-gun dude (being raised next door to “Greenervill” Washington), though I’m more of a moderate progressivist than a true liberal. Anway, over the last few years I started shooting with my buddies, and they started taunting me with fresh venison every year.

    Now, the only thing that’s preventing me from having lots of guns is the monetary investment, and a wife who doesn’t want her basement filled with gun safes. I still haven’t seen a deer, let alone gotten to shoot one, but my friends have let me help with cleaning and processing several in exchange for fresh meat.

    I came to realize that I’m not anti-gun. I’m anti-idiots-with-guns. After shooting with my friends, who are gun safety Nazis (as we all should be), it became readily apparent that I’m perfectly fine with responsible people owning and operating weapons. I’m not okay with jelly brains walking around with loaded pistols tucked into their pants with the safety off and think that waving the gun around impresses people.

    • Taco – I’m a Texan and as most Texans I’m completely comfortable with a wide variety of firearms. I’ve hunted, I’ve learned how to hit what I aim at with a bunch of different handguns and, by God, you get near me with evil intent and your ass is goin’ down. Familiarity breeds comfort when it comes to guns and gun safety.

      Oooh…and the venison is yummy. 🙂

  3. My Dad was a cop, and while all of the other little girls in the neighborhood were playing with their Barbies and reading Nancy Drew books, I was reloading bullets because I thought it was fun. I also used to collect brass at the shooting range because I thought that was fun too. It’s only natural that as an adult, I am well-aware that an unarmed group of people can’t defend themselves against someone who is. And there will always be someone who is. Hopefully though, in our lifetimes, we never come across someone like that. It’s good that they are holding drills (even though it scared you until you knew!) and it’s good that it was food for thought for those who realized they couldn’t defend themselves or their loves ones if something truly evil really were happening. I don’t think the schools around here run drills like that, but they should!


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