Daily Archives: October 5, 2011

This Is An Awesome, Awesome Day

I’m very happy because my granddaughter’s eye surgery, scheduled for today, has been postponed indefinitely!  Yay!! It seems her condition is improving on its own.

In honor of my giddiness, I bring you something I read last week on a local site that made me laugh till I nearly peed myself….

I am offering to do house cleaning, either one time deep clean or on a continuous basis.  Deep clean would include windows, single story.  I am looking to maybe start a business with cleaning, organizing and if you are moving and need a packer, I am willing to do this also.  I had a heart attach earlier this summer and need to make ends meet. 

I’ll let you read it a couple of times to let it sink in.

After I figured out that “attach” meant attack I started giggling.

Probably inappropriately, but that’s me.

He/she just had a heart attack and is now offering to do manual labor.

I just cannot imagine any scenario where I’d be okay with hiring this person.