Everything Is Correct…Except All Of It

I’m getting new homeowner’s insurance.  The new company sent me an application for the insurance.  This after extensive e-mails and phone calls and the like over the last several months, is what I found wrong with the application so I sent it back to the rep with this note:

Mr. New Insurance guy, much of the information contained in this application is incorrect.

 My husband should also be on this policy.  I don’t see him listed anywhere.

 I do not have a bachelor’s degree, just a high school diploma.

 I am not in sales, I am an administrative coordinator, and have been employed as such since 1990. With the same company since 2002.

 The home was built in 1996, not 2005.  We have lived there since 1996, not 2005.

 The burglar alarm is monitored.

 My prior insurance carrier was Safeco, not State Farm and the policy number listed is not mine.

 The roof is original to the house.

So, after wooing me for nearly a year you finally score the prize and just quit on me?  Seriously, dude, it’s like you’re not even trying anymore.

He called me back, laughing, and apologized.  I’m still waiting for the flower delivery to get here, though.

And, the corrected application would be nice too.

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  1. Ha! Did he get the name wrong too?

    • No, but you know what? When he did finally get everything right his “quote” was $500 more than he’d originally told me.

      I told him to buzz off and went with someone else who’d been courting me since last August. He at least got everything right and saved me $400/yr. on my homeowner’s insurance.


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