Daily Archives: October 13, 2011

Today’s Sinus Enema…

…is brought to you by the following…

Hmm?  Oh, you want to know what a ‘sinus enema’ is first?

Very well.

You know how sometimes you read/see/hear something so ridiculous/hilarious/other words that end in ‘ous’ – while you are drinking your soda/juice/water/coffee/vodka – that you end up spewing said beverage out of your nostrils – usually quite painfully?

Yeah, that’s a sinus enema.

My favorites are the ones where the hilarity is totally unintentional.

Like this.

Let me preface by saying that my employer is e-mail driven.


We all get an e-mail about a global RIM (Blackberry) blackout, but the sender (our IT professional) isn’t sure if it will have any effect on our fleet of hundreds upon hundreds of Blackberries in use by management.

Wha…?  A global blackout that may not affect us? 

I knew it.  We are on another planet here.

*notes date/time of validation of theory about employer’s planetary shift shenannigans – scratches through previous explanation ‘this is hell with fluorescent lighting’*

An hour later the same IT guy sends another e-mail.

An e-mail, people.

To tell us that yes, in fact, the global blackout will affect our Blackberries.

Senders can call, but cannot receive e-mails.

He sends this….in an e-mail.

To everyone.

*scratches through validation date/time and makes note to look for other opportunities to prove/disprove planetary shift theory and rewrites original ‘this is hell with fluorescent lighting’ theory down again*

So the people with non-functioning Blackberries have now received two e-mails to tell them that, basically, they can’t receive e-mails.

That, my friends, is awesomesauce that I couldn’t make up if I tried.

It’s also the reason I’m still cleaning today’s beverage-of-choice from my keyboard..and my sinuses are very sore, but very clear.

Are you saying I got two e-mails about this e-mail outage?  I didn’t get anything, I swear! Oh, wait…