Two Blondes Walk Into A Bar

I’m not blonde.

I’m a reddish-brown sorta gal..and no matter what I do, my hair refuses to change colors…seriously, my daughter says I have a strong red tone to my hair and I think she should know since she is a hairstylist.

I do, however, feel for my blonde sisters and the bum rap they get.

Granted, sometimes it’s deserved but I think “blonde” could often be substituted with “redhead” or “brunette” and be just as applicable.

With that in mind, I present some pretty smart blondes of yore.

And, while there’s a totally ironic and completely joke-worthy twist to this…I’ll refrain…with great difficulty….from pointing out the obvious.

*sits on hands*

*begins to quiver*

*one hand escapes and then the other and then….*

OMG! Really? I mean how ironic is it that the person who published this page about brilliant blondes cannot even put together a coherent/cohesive sentence???

The only thing that would make it perfect would be if there was an “About the Author” blurb at the bottom..with a picture of a blonde smiling vapidly.

I apologize for my insensitivity, but….BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Seriously…this shit writes itself.

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  1. Nature has had the ultimate joke with me, a natural blond…….it has turned GRAY!

  2. I change it all the time, which is, I guess, my way of joking back!

  3. The first* thing I noticed about that article was that the very first description, of Cleopatra, is all wrong. The Cleopatra who seduced Caesar and Mark Antony was not the daughter of Alexander’s general, Ptolemy – if she had been, she would have been almost 300 years old by the time she met Caesar. And she was almost certainly not blonde. So not only can this writer not construct a sentence, they can’t do their research either. Pah.

    *And, if I’m honest, last thing. It annoyed me so much I didn’t read any more.

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