I Can’t Hear You!

I hate cell phones..and yet if I leave my house without mine I panic.

Maybe I should say that I hate cell phone reception/random call dropping.

This is a conversation I had last week with my youngest son (hereafter called YS) on not only my phone, but hubby’s as well.

*my phone rings – or rather plays the theme from “Halloween”*

YS: Hi Mom, I was just wond…grsl…slfla’…faower


YS: I was just..glsla..afaofi..faoeur0..

Me: I CAN’T HEAR YOU! (as if my screaming into the phone would make it somehow easier for me to hear him)

YS: I’ll…. 

*call drops and hubby’s phone rings..or rather plays “Sweet Home Alabama”, he’s obviously not in the Halloween spirit..whatevs..*

Me: Hello?

YS:  Hi Mom…I just thought…saofiaof..aa;dfa;f;a..sauwua;…..



…..and the called dropped, again…..

*my phone rings…or rather…aw hell, just look up there*

Me: Hello?

YS:  Mom..I….a;dflajf;p8rua.a..afglafys ….fish

Me:  I get something about a “fish”.

YS: YES, I have a.a..aafafjhajf…do you…adf.afayf..aouyoat….

Me: You’re asking me about a fish, but I can’t make it out.  Why don’t you text me?


*and the call dropped*

*hubby’s phone rings…blah, blah..*

Hubby: Hello?

YS: Dad, I just caught a 4-lb. blue cat and wondered if you guys wanted it.

Hubby: (asks me if I want it and I say “not unless he’s skinned and fileted it I don’t”)  Um…your mom says no unless you’ve cleaned it already.  You haven’t?  Okay…thanks anyway.

*hubby hangs up phone*

Me: So, that’s what he’s been trying to tell me for the last ten minutes??

Hubby: (shrugs) I guess.

Me:  Here I thought there was some major crisis since he kept calling and calling.  Usually, he’ll just send a text if it’s not important. He scared me half to death…over a fish??

Hubby: I guess it was important…to him.

Me: I hate cell phones.

Curse you Alexander Graham Bell!!


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  1. Bell only invented the land line, Marconi invented radio communication and I cannot remember who invented the rotating frequency transmitter/receiver.

    All those are the people you need to curse. They all share the blame with Bell.

  2. I usually answer it and for the reasons you wrote about, or because I am driving, just say, “Hey! Call ya back in a few minutes when I get home, OK?”

    But people are ridiculous with them! At KFC the other day, I heard a guy call his wife, who was sitting in the seats 6 feet away, to ask her if she wanted extra crispy or orginial. That same day I went to the library and a lady was talking on hers in the bathroom with the toilets flushing away, people farting and everything else. That same night, I was watching the world series and people in the stands were talking on their phones and texting…..c’mon, you are at THE WORLD FREAKING SERIES.. live in the moment!

    Ya gotta laugh.

    All those calls for a fish? Love it!

  3. I can relate! My youngest (26) is really into fishing as well and sometimes text messages us pictures of his best catch or worse yet, sends them to us on Facebook! They could be enjoying worse pastimes, I guess….LOL

  4. No doubt. I always tell him “Well, whatever keeps you out of the pool halls..” He looks at me kinda funny, but I remind him I’m old and that’s a saying my grandmother used to use.


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