If You Don’t Pee…

….after reading this, then there’s something seriously wrong with you….

And everyone with a smart phone that has auto-correct will know exactly how this can happen.

Still makes me giggle uncontrollably.


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  1. Sooo… the thing about auto-correct is that it tracks frequently used words. Boobsicles? Frequently used? I have the wrong friends.

  2. Everytime I read it… I’m laughing. God Donkey just put it over the edge for me.

  3. Thank goodness I came here straight from the bathroom.

  4. Classic. Where and when would boobsicles be appropriate? Bachelor party?

  5. No pee, but the lady in the waiting room did look at me funny.

    I’m with the first guy thinking that the auto spell learns from your typing. What I want to know is that when I type my HTML to put my blog address in the posts, it sometimes decides href is “here”‘ “heed” “Herr” and “reed” and it seems to be different each time? Contextually, I haven’t changed it, so I don’t get it!


    • I’m completely computer stoopid so I’m not the right person to ask that question.

      I had to turn auto-correct off on my phone the day I googled “tickets” and it changed it to “rickets”…yes, that’s what I want 4 “rickets” to a movie.

      My daughter just got an iPhone 4 and she hasn’t figured it out yet. She and I are selling stuff on eBay and she sent me a text that said she wanted to change “4 of my weddings”…nearly laughed myself silly over that one. She meant “listings” of course.

      I really hope she doesn’t figure out the whole auto-correct thing. I need a good laugh every day.

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