Daily Archives: November 22, 2011

It Was a Trip, Fall and Crash…

 …down memory lane Sunday.

We have to replace our heating/cooling system. Since we live in Texas and have no basement our air handler is in the attic. We had to clean a portion of the attic Sunday in order to make room for the crew to come in and do the work today.

We threw away 387 empty boxes.

Okay, I may be exaggerating a wee bit. But, it was definitely over 300 empty boxes that got tossed in the trash.

Who needs that many empty boxes? No one, that’s who.

Among the other boxes, the not empty ones, was a box filled with tiny dresses from my daughters’ childhoods.

Apparently I didn’t save anything from the boys. I know why. They tore their stuff up. Sometimes literally.

So, there I sat amidst piles of trash staring at tiny rosettes, lace, velvet and bows. I smiled and I cried, sometimes at the same time, as I took each little dress out and held it close to me.

I remembered Christmases, Easters and birthday celebrations with my girls dressed up like little princesses twirling around the room.

“Am I pretty?” they’d ask.

No, my darlings.

Then as now, you are beautiful.

Inside and out.