So, Yeah I’m Lazy…

….I just spent the bulk of the last four days in jammies…

No, I wasn’t sick.

I was on a little stay-cation, and the only interruption to the jammie routine was Thanksgiving.

It’s also the reason I didn’t have the energy to get out of the jammies on Friday.

Which turned into Saturday and it got cold and rainy here, so jammies seemed perfect.

By Sunday I was all like why bother?

And then Monday happened and it’s back to the routine. 

Jeans, work boots and a sweatshirt.

Sigh…I miss my jammies.

How was your Thanksgiving holiday?

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  1. Thanksgiving was chaotic but wonderful. A house full of family and friends, lots of good food and a huge mess afterward that took me 2 days to clean. But the week preceeding Thanksgiving, the hubby was away hunting, and I, too, stayed in my pj’s for a couple of days. It was awesome. With just myself and the dogs here, I ate when I was hungry, slept when I was tired, didn’t dress, dyed my hair, did a pedicure, watched Christmas movies and blasted classical music really loud! It was super-nice, so I can relate. Today…..back to work and real clothes and real life.

  2. That sounds like time well spent to me. 🙂 Chalk that up as training for the longer holiday that’s coming in December.

  3. I stayed in my PJs the whole break. It was awesome! It’s not lazy. It’s quality time!


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