Daily Archives: November 29, 2011

What a 3-yr. Old Boy is Most Proud Of

It might surprise you to learn this, but even a 3-yr. old can sense his impending greatness.

Well, at least my 3-yr. old grandson can.

It was a hot Saturday morning and we’d attended my 6-yr. old granddaughter’s soccer game in the morning.  Right after the game we decided to take her and her 3-yr. old brother out to get some ice cream.

Their parents went on back to the house, no doubt thrilled to have an hour to themselves.

We took the kids back home after cleaning up the ice cream – most of it had melted and been spread all over them, especially the 3-yr. old – and they excitedly told us about going out back to get into the pool and go swimming.

It’s not a big pool.  It’s a kiddie pool, so by “swimming” they actually mean wading around in knee-deep water, splashing each other and passersby.

As they were changing into their bathing suits, our 3-yr. old grandson came running into the living room buck naked, and stood there proudly wiggling his wee-wee for all to see.

“My pee-pee! It gots bigger and bigger and BIGGER!” He exclaimed.

My husband replied, “Yes, and you will make some girl very happy some day.” without missing a beat. 

Dad giggled and Mom blushed.