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We Are Santa’s Elves

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard about the “Elf on the Shelf”.

1..2..3…good, since that’s about how many of you there are that visit me every day I’d say 100% of you had.

And, thank you for visiting, by the way.

Well, I hadn’t heard of this amazing little elf until this year.  Basically, the story is that one of Santa’s elves comes to visit your house in December and sits somewhere watching the kids all day.  At night, he goes back to the North Pole to make his naughty/nice report to Santa.  The next morning, he’s found sitting in a different place than where the kids left him; proving that he has, in fact, gone to see Santa.

I’m not sure how long Santa’s elves have been spying on kids, but I really wish they’d been staying at my house every December when mine were little. 

Christmas woulda been a lot easier on Santa if they had.

So, this year I decided to give an elf to each of my kids for their kids.

I carefully explained how it works and then went out to buy the elves.

Only I couldn’t find any elves.

It’s Christmas and there are no elves??

After my third stop, I settled on little stuffed snowmen that kinda resemble elves.

Not really, but I figured I could sell this to the grandkids.

On Sunday I gave three families their snow-elves.   One of my grandsons was so not on board with the whole watching-you-all-day thing.   I thought he was going to refuse, but then I told him his elf was named “Buddy” and I guess that did the trick.  He carefully tucked Buddy into his mom’s purse and proceeded to be a holy terror for the next half hour.  Apparently, even at four years old, he understood the concept of the elf watching him at home.  That is until I told him that the elf sitting on the shelf of the cousin’s house we were at was watching him, too.  

Suddenly, he was a little angel.

I told my kids to let me know how the elf on the shelf works with regards to behavior.  I’m betting it’ll make a difference.

I still wish we’d had these when mine were little, because I never did find out who fed tinsel to the cat.





First, I shall eat all the tinsel. Later, I shall present you with sparkle-vomit and sparkle-poop.  You are most welcome.