Daily Archives: December 10, 2011

New This Week

It occurs to me that most people could skip the Monday-Friday blog posts and just come here on Saturday to read the re-cap.

Yeah, I’m gonna go with that one to explain readership drop-offs during the week.

Well, if I don’t the alternative is to drown my sorrows in a vat of chocolate….which I may do now, anyway, since I have apparently managed to depress myself.

While I am busy depleting the supply of chocolate for the tri-state area, go ahead and take a look at the week in review.

On Monday, a recent garage cleaning brought into focus a deep, dark moment for my aunt.

Tuesday came and pen/penis, really is there a difference?

On Wednesday, I shared the secrets of a mystical, magical, elf.

Thursday and Friday I regaled bored you to tears with completely un-exciting information about my work-life.  Don’t read these two, really, they aren’t that funny.

So, have a great weekend and if you’re looking for the chocolate, I eated it.