A Serious Conversation….

…between coirkers and myself discussing the cold weather.

Me: My daughter’s little dog wears a pink hoodie. And it’s like, “Pink’s” pink hoodie, you know?

Male Coirker 1: I thought all of Victoria’s Secrets were pink.

Me: No, Victoria’s Secret is that no one over thirty can wear that shit.

:pause for explosive laughter around room:

Female Coirker 2: (an older woman) Yeah, you do not want to go there, or wear that stuff. (and then she quietly adds)…it gets all up in the strangest of places…

:pause for another round of explosive laughter – this time I’m bent over double and have tears running down my face:

Female Coirker 2: (in all seriousness) …and you can’t, you know, reach around and get at it…

 :end of ability to breathe, speak, or think coherently for any of us for several minutes until the laugh-attack wears off:

Male Coirker 3: (completely straight-faced) I have no comment.

:again with the laugh-attack and now I have hiccups:

I love my job.

Posted on December 12, 2011, in Guess You Had to Be There, Maybe I'm The Only One Who Thinks This Is Funny and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. I love your work too. Can I work there too?

  2. Nice! Sounds like a great place to work! I’ve always thought that if we must spend so much time at our place of employment why can’t it be more fun!?

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