I Have the Most Amazing News!!

And, I’m not telling you what it is!

I’m just leaving it as an annoying Facebook status update on my wall.

No matter how many “likes” I get, no matter how many people respond with “OMG – wassup?” *ouch*  – I will not tell you….until days from now, and then it will be something exceedingly anti-climactic or so obscure you won’t know what the hell is going on….and you won’t care in the least.

What?  Why yes, I have been inundated with inane Facebook posts as of late.

Why do you ask? 


“…and then I was like, and she was totally OMG, and I was like way, and I like pie, do you have candy, OMG that’s amazing!”

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  1. We’re allowed to guess right?

    I guess that a meteoroid hit right next to your house and now everything is all radioactive but it’s okay because the government has moved your family to the nearest fancy hotel and reimbursed you 10 million dollars so they can take every item you own and test it. Plus they want blood samples to make sure you’re not an alien.

    Am I right? Can I have a pony?

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