Awesomesauce? You Decide.

Today is Boxing Day in some places outside America.

I’m a citizen of the United States, so I don’t know what Boxing Day is.

I looked it up.

Apparently, it’s a bank holiday.

I was hoping it was a day I could go sock some asshat who’d been irritating me.

I haz a disappoint.

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  1. When my brother and I were kids we thought it was hilarious to ask if the day after Boxing Day was Wrestling Day, and so on until we ran out of suitable martial ‘sports’. Which didn’t take long, as it was the 1970s and no-one in Britain had heard of Tae Kwan-Do.

  2. You need to begin celebrating Festivus (December 23). It stands opposed to all commercialization and includes “The Feats of Strength.” I dream of a day where Festivus becomes more popular than Christmas.

  3. It’s a holiday in Jamaica and in most West Indian countries.

    There are more than one proposed reasons for the name, but it is usually a day spent visiting family you did not spend Christmas with or just simply relaxing with and enjoying the company of your family and friends.


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