Awesomesauce is Helpful

Are you a Johnny Cash fan?

 I still can’t figure out how the man turned that voice into millions, but I do know that awesomesauce was applied.

Excuse me while I go stop the bleeding from my ears.

Posted on December 29, 2011, in Awesomesauce, Posts, Random Crap, What the flippity-flop? and tagged , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. I love Johnny Cash. Willie Nelson too. Neither one of them ever really sings. Listen closely. They just talk, but they have a gift.

  2. I’m on the other side of the music nation. I can’t stand Johnny Cash: his voice grates on me, and I find his songs terribly boring. I still can’t understand why he’s popular, but then I don’t understand why people listen to country music or rap.


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