New Awesomesauce Year’s Resolutions

So, here’s my list of New Year’s Resolutions:

1) Work on my dislike of lists.

2) Learn to play the comb.

3) Learn a language – I chose English so I have a bit of a head start here. 

4) Accept the fact that my feet will never be a size 7 again.

5) Try to remember to use my “inner” voice where appropriate.  The crack about Aunt Hattie’s skin tight dress looking like two pigs fighting under a blanket wasn’t really meant for everyone at the dinner table to hear.  My bad.

How about you?  What resolutions did you make?


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  1. Good choices!

    It looks like you’re already making progress on #1.

    Inner voice–it’s the one that’s even quieter than your inside voice, right? So is Hattie the type to break down in a sobbing fit, or one of those aunts who threaten to come across the table if you don’t LOCK IT UP?

  2. Mine is the same each year: To never make any resolutions. Even that one I break since it is a resolution 😀

  3. I like your ideas best, maybe I should go with them. Especially the learning of a language, and making it English! Of course, my own non-resolution resolution, was to try to be a better me, in the end.

  4. My resolution is always the same every year.

    – To not get arrested for smacking idiot people. So far they haven’t been able to catch me, but I’m getting old, so it may be time to get a remote control distance-smacker. I could use the head start.

    • L-squared, I read about a neat idea for a very useful invention aimed at removing idiots from your general vacinity. Works on the basic cattle prod theory.

      It’s called an iProd…and if I had any engineering skills, capital, backing or gumption of any kind I’d so be building and marketing these things.

  5. Made a couple of resolutions on the 31st, broke two out of the three by this morning (sigh!)

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