Daily Archives: January 18, 2012

There Be Fairies Here!

Because she’s awesome with a generous helping of awesomesauce, my daughter-in-law made me this for my birthday last week:

Side view

This is handmade…handmade…from items found in the woods near her house, and clay she formed into mushrooms (top), and a plate (green) with a loaf of bread cooling on the window sill.  That ‘sill’ is actually part of a turtle shell. See the windchimes on the right? 

Back view

Tiny rocks are stacked to create back wall, a small window opening which has a set of windchimes hanging in front of it, is barely visible.  Reindeer moss adorns the roof. Merrie McCleary, the garden fairy, is currently out tending her garden.

Front view

From the front, Merrie’s stone porch has a small flower pot with a beautiful blue flower in it.  A thyme wreath hangs next to the doorway. 

I am simply amazed by this magical creation and have placed it on my mantel.  I think Merrie approves.