Daily Archives: January 21, 2012

Where Have You Been?

Just take a look at all the crap awesomesauce you missed this week!

On Monday, there was no post.  It was a holiday, but that’s not why there was no post.  Actually, I got lazy…or maybe I was totally honoring the memory of Dr. King (a personal hero – truly, no bullshit here) by occupying the couch all day.   One of those things.

Tuesday, though, came along and I practiced the art of the tease.

And, on Wednesday I made like the mailman and delivered.

On Thursday I proved, yet again, that my best protesting days ended with the Vietnam War.

Friday was experiment/jack with you people day.  Go me.

Now go out and enjoy this 75 degree, sunshine-y weather! 

Hmmm?  Wassat?

It’s 20 and snowing where you are?