Daily Archives: January 24, 2012

Anyone Miss Me Yesterday?


:crickets chirp:

I’ll take that as a yes, because I’m feverish.

I got sick in the middle of the night Friday and spent the weekend alternating between trying to get laundry and housework done and lying on the couch wondering how many muscles I have and how could they all hurt so bad at once.

Then, there was the cough.

I have asthma…not severe, just moderate.   Add that to a chest cold or bronchitis and you have breathing that is painful and labored.  It’s exhausting.  I do have, and use, rescue inhalers but this upper respiratory infection won round one.

And round two. 

Round three was a draw as I was able to drag myself out of bed Monday and go to work…which, incidentally, is where I’m writing this from.  I have to wonder if round four will go to me or URI.

I can say the upside of being feverish is the lovely blush to my cheeks.   Except when the fever spikes and then I look like a clown who forget to take off her rouge.  Everything else is pale and white, and my cheeks have gigantic bright red apples on them.  Hence, the need to keep the fever at or below 100.  So far, so good, today.

I’ll stop whining now, just tell me you missed me.

And bring me some chicken soup, will ya?