Daily Archives: January 27, 2012

An Open Letter….

…to the skinny refrigerator spammer

Dear Mr. Skinny Refrigerator,

I realize that you have a great need to expand your market.  After all, who needs a skinny refrigerator until they see one and suddenly think – oh, damn I really need one of those?

However, spamming my site over 30 times in two days is not going to get you the desired results.

It is however going to get you my full attention for the next few minutes.

1.  I don’t want/need to discuss my refrigerator’s weight issues, and frankly think George would be rather angry that I am discussing these issues publicly.

2. A skinny refrigerator is like a skinny baker.  Un-trust-worthy. Think about it, if a baker is skinny then he/she is not eating what he/she bakes.  That gives me pause.

3. At the prices you charge for a skinny refrigerator, the damn thing should be packed with Belgian chocolates, bottles and bottles of Dom Perignon, and the finest Beluga…and come with a lifetime re-supply clause…for free.

4.  My blog is read by about three people, you’ve seriously overestimated my influence.

No go away while I console George, or I will have to make the obvious comparisons to a man’s skinny refrigerator being reflective of other parts’ inadequacies.