Recapping a Recap

Remember last Saturday when I said there’d be a quiz on Monday or Tuesday?

If I remembered.

Which I didn’t.


Well, I just remembered what I’d forgotten to remember.

:sits down and waits for room to stop spinning:

Sooooooo…what extraordinarily silly thing did you do last weekend?

:crickets chirp:

Come on! Don’t be shy!

:crickets chirp:

I’m not going away, so even if you didn’t do something silly tell me what silly thing you are going to do this weekend.

And on Monday or Tuesday I’ll repeat this quiz.


If I remember.

It might be Friday before I remember what it was I forgot to remember.


:I haz a headache:


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  1. I’m planning to spend the weekend in pajamas. I’ll let you know how that goes 😉

  2. I told you yesterday, I forgot my anniversary. Do I get points for being first? 🙂

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