Daily Archives: February 21, 2012

Fortunately, There Were No Separated Appendages

..but, you wouldn’t have known it by the screams…

Sunday afternoon, my family gathered at my oldest daughter’s house.  In town to visit was my niece and her family.

There were 10 kids and 10 adults in the house.  The kids range in age from 5 days old to 8 years old.

All but the newborn were running amuck.

At some point in the festivities three of the little girls went upstairs to play dress up princesses and have a tea party. 

We marveled at how the girls were so quiet and dainty and how the boys, who had remained downstairs, were flinging their bodies against the furniture, floor, uncles who got in the way, and each other all while screaming/laughing at the top of their lungs.

The newborn, safely tucked into a corner of the room, had no opinion.  She slept peacefully despite the noise.

Then, a scream from upstairs.

And another, and another…each one increasing in hysterics and volume.  Incoherent babbling followed, and then more bloodcurdling screams.

“Holy shit! That’s mine!” said Daddy to the newborn as he raced up the stairs, closely followed by Mommy to newborn.

The doors to all the rooms were shut, but it didn’t take long to figure out the screams were coming from behind the bathroom door.

It was, indeed, newborn’s older sister in crisis.

I reached the top of the stairs as her Daddy opened the door and rushed in.

He was expecting blood, missing body parts, impalement with glass slippers or something equally traumatic.

He got…moth.

A moth was flitting about the lights in the bathroom and had sent her into hysterics.

She thought it was a wasp.

It was a moth.

As we realized what had happened a wave of relief flooded the adults and then the giggles set in.

The moth was dispatched, no doubt its last thoughts being “What the hell is wrong with these humans?”

She calmed down almost immediately and went straight back to the tea party.

The rest of us, well..it took some time before our heart rates returned to normal.