Daily Archives: February 28, 2012

See, This Kind of Thing Scares the Hell Out of Me…

…it’s a gigantic elevator, for Pete’s sake!

From the Earth to a space station.

It takes a week to get there, even though this thing travels at approximately 125mph.

For me, it’s just scary.

The questions it raises..

Like, you expect me to hold *it* for a week?  If not, where’s the bathroom for me and the 29 other people on board?  What will that added weight, not to mention the *sanitary* issues do to passengers’ safety?

Look at that thing.  That’s a mighty skinny umbilical from Earth to the station.

Suppose one of the *455,237 pieces of space junk orbiting the Earth at any given time slams into it? 

What if someone develops claustrophobia?  Or bubonic plague? Avian flu?

We are trapped people!


Which is why I won’t get on this particular elevator and am looking, carefully, at the control panel of every elevator I do get on – starting now, because you can’t be too careful – and if any of them list 10,000+ floors I am getting off.

I’m left wondering…why…no, really..why?  Why, why, why?

*this may not be a real number, and may be based on my fear of space junk