Daily Archives: March 2, 2012

This Kinda Thing Reeaallly Gets My Goat!

For years upon years my stepdad would randomly ask my stepsister, Mom and I if we had seen his goat.

Over dinner, “Pass the potatoes, please. And have any of you seen my goat?”

Driving – “Look! Over there! In the field..is that…is that my goat?”

On the boat – “Do you think my goat might be out here somewhere?”

His ‘goat’ had a name – Eldessie – and he was forever looking for it. But the most embarrassing time was my first date…ever.

My date was chatting with my mom and stepdad as I finished getting ready. Stepdad put a hand on date’s shoulder and in all seriousness said, “Son, I just want you to keep an eye out for my goat tonight. I’ve been looking for it.”

Date was, understandably, speechless.

Fortunately, for me, he was also amused as ‘date’ became ‘husband’ a few years later.

 As for the goat, well Stepdad never did find it so one year for his birthday we gave him one. Not a real goat, we lived in a townhouse in the city and farm animals were frowned upon, no we gave him a small goat toy.

He still has it and now it sits on the nightstand by his bed.

Eldessie has finally come home.

This is how I always imagined Eldessie would look if we ever found him...slightly amused, slightly annoyed.