Daily Archives: March 7, 2012

I’m Quite the Failure, Bitches

At least according to Buythuy Chung.

Whoever he/she/it is.

Okay, I know he/she/it is a spambot, because I keep getting these e-mails from her/him/it that scold me for working a mundane job and not chucking it all to make $53 (one day), $69 (another day) per hour doing whatever that innocent-looking URL I will never click shows me.

I hadn’t realized, until yesterday, just how sad I make ol’ Buythuy by not taking him/her/it up on his/her/its offer.

The latest e-mail said, in part, “…now nobody disrespects me I thought you needed some help”.

Let’s examine that totally grammatically incorrect pile of garbage for a moment.

Is Buythuy implying that by not joining his/her/its quest to make $unspecified-amount per hour I’m being disrespected?

Because I hadn’t noticed, which makes me wonder if I’m that out of touch or just that stupid.

Don’t answer.  That’s what we call a rhetorical question right there.

Or is Buythuy saying that it’s obvious to him/her/it that I need help, and he/she/it is trying to provide it and I’m just not grasping the situation?

Again, I wonder at the level of fail I have reached to not even realize the level of fail I have reached.