Daily Archives: March 13, 2012

A Conversation….

…..between me and hubby…

Me: (coming in the door from work one day last week) So, I only have about elebenty-bazillion things I need to talk to you about

Hubby:  Okay, but can it wait just a little while?  I’ve got a draft (insert appropriate  fantasy league time of year here)  in ten minutes.

Me: Sure.

About an hour later…

Hubby:  Okay, what did you want to talk about?

Me: Ummm….I don’t remember.

This my friends is why we never seem to get anything accomplished in a timely manner.

I have no memory, at all, none..nada..

I should do like he does, and write random thoughts (in unreadable handwriting) on post-it notes and then stick them on the counter so I will see them.

Me:  What does ‘Bilge Devrop Sever Dip’ mean?

Hubby: (taking post-it from me and scowling) I think that says, ‘what time are the kids coming’.

Me:  The kids are coming?

Hubby: Sigh……