A Conversation….

…..between me and hubby…

Me: (coming in the door from work one day last week) So, I only have about elebenty-bazillion things I need to talk to you about

Hubby:  Okay, but can it wait just a little while?  I’ve got a draft (insert appropriate  fantasy league time of year here)  in ten minutes.

Me: Sure.

About an hour later…

Hubby:  Okay, what did you want to talk about?

Me: Ummm….I don’t remember.

This my friends is why we never seem to get anything accomplished in a timely manner.

I have no memory, at all, none..nada..

I should do like he does, and write random thoughts (in unreadable handwriting) on post-it notes and then stick them on the counter so I will see them.

Me:  What does ‘Bilge Devrop Sever Dip’ mean?

Hubby: (taking post-it from me and scowling) I think that says, ‘what time are the kids coming’.

Me:  The kids are coming?

Hubby: Sigh……


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  1. You would think not remembering things is an asset. I have that same condition…. now I can’t remember why I thought it was such an asset.

  2. I don’t admit to the memory thing. Hubs is always telling me he he told me something and I swear he didn’t. I consider myself lucky if I make it out the door to work and I have clothes on. Sigh.

    • OMG…you are the eye of the tiger, missy, if you make it out the door and have all your clothes on.

      I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve gotten into my car, ready to go to work, wearing – jammie tops, jammie bottoms, slippers, or flip-flops.

      Oddly enough, none of those are considered appropriate attire for the office. Go figure.

      • Which seems unfair since I see people wearing pajama bottoms every frickin’ where! I want to grab those folks and shake them. Life is not a pajama party dude!

        Maybe it should be though. Only without the cool girls ganging up on geeky me!

  3. Which is why, no matter what time of day or night, whatever I’m doing, (including sleeping) she insists on discussing it NOW!


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