Daily Archives: March 22, 2012

I Like This Guy!

Who knew that a mortgage lender could be so much fun?

Not I.

Yet here I was, last week, minding my own business when a loan servicer from my mortgage company sent me an unsolicited e-mail.

He was interested in helping me with my mortgage.

At first, I thought this must be a scam.

My mortgage is fine.  I’m not in any danger of it getting ill, needing life support, or dying.  Like most other Texans, we  weathered the recent economic downturns with nary a scratch.

Upon further inspection, it appears this is a legit offer.  (I called the number and sure enough it’s a local office of my mortgage company and he works there).

Normally, I find that these things never amount to enough of a savings to warrant the headache of signing all those forms and going through the anal probe (a/k/a credit check) necessary.

However, something was different about this offer.

It was in the wording.

Halfway through the first paragraph, Helpful Loan Servicer wrote   “…I know I can defiantly save you money.”

And I thought, if  he is that adamant….

Maybe he’ll completely delete my remaining balance…DEFIANTLY!!

Power to the Mortgage Loan Servicers!!