Daily Archives: April 3, 2012

Salvation Army Can Bite Me

 A few years ago hubby and I decided it was finally time to upgrade our living room furniture. What follows are the true conversations surrounding said purchases, and the disposal of the old stuff.

Hubby: I think we need new furniture.

Me: (looking at our old set and remembering the 20 years of child-abuse it has taken) I guess, but it still looks pretty good and sits nicely.

Hubby: Yeah, but I’ve got my eye on those big, fluffy reclining couches at the furniture store.

Me: (smiling) Yep, they are pretty sweet and reasonably priced if we get the whole set.

So, we trot on down to the furniture store and buy the set. On the way home we discuss what to do with the old stuff. I assure hubby it will find a new home with the Salvation Army who will send a truck to pick it up.

The day before the new stuff is set to arrive I call SA for a pick-up. I have a couch, loveseat and chair. All matching and all intact…they were even clean (we’d cleaned them up so they’d look nice in their new home). The dispatcher seemed less-than-enthusiastic about the age of the furniture and my report of the condition.

Dispatcher: Are you sure the furniture is in good repair?

Me: Of course, up until tomorrow we will be using it in our own home.

Dispatcher: Hmmm…okay, we’ll send a truck next Tuesday.

The next day the new stuff was delivered and while I admit a fondness for the old furniture, to be able to recline and immediately fall asleep in the downy-softness of plush microfiber is heavenly.

Old couch, loveseat and chair sat in the garage, no doubt discussing this turn of events and (I hope) excited at the prospect of a new home.

The day the SA truck was schedule to pick up the furniture I took off work and waited for them to arrive.

They showed up on time and informed me that they would be “inspecting the merchandise before taking delivery”.

The two guys walked around, poking, prodding and sitting on my old set.

Guy #1: I’m sorry, this is just not acceptable.

Me: WHAA….?

Guy #2: He’s right. You see, with so many people giving us like-new furniture, we just can’t use this.

With that they got in the truck and left.


I stood there, utterly shocked that the furniture I’d used up until one week prior wasn’t good enough to donate to charity. And, much as I admire the SA and its good works, I was more than a little disappointed in that attitude.

I called the regional office and talked to Maj. Something’s assistant. She was not sympathetic, echoing the drivers’ sentiments almost word for word.

Eventually we got rid of the big couch, and kept the loveseat and chair to use in other rooms as the kids moved out. We’re still using them, they still sit well and are still clean.

And now, thanks to SA, there’s some family out there watching television from the cold, hard, floor of their apartment.