I Never Shoulda Told Him About That Life Insurance

I think my hubby is trying to off me in some kind of spectacularly weird way that will in no way implicate him.

Or I’m just paranoid.

Definitely one of those.

You decide after reading the following text convo between us earlier this week, and keep in mind the man never texts anything more than one or two letter words…and here he is having an actual conversation with me.

I haz a suspicious.

Hubby:  Guess u should know I told baby girl and her hubby we’d watch the kids if they wanted to go out of town this weekend.

(they have two girls – aged 4 and 2 months, and the 2-mo. old does NOT sleep through the night yet)

MeThis weekend?!?

Hubby: Yes

Me: But aren’t we also having other grandson’s third birthday party at our house this weekend?

Hubby: Yes

Me: Are u just trying to kill me? Cuz if u are u should know I canceled that insurance policy.

Hubby: What insurance policy?

Me: Oh don’t act like u don’t know what I’m talking about.  Anyway, this is a waste of effort.

Hubby: Did u really cancel the policy?

Me: Why?

Hubby:  No reason..besides u used to watch 4 little ones when our kids were young.  What happened?

Me: 30 years!!!!

Hubby: So, about that insurance……..

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  1. Hahahahahaha! Yep, I can see how you’d get that idea! 😀

  2. Watch out! It’s a dangerous place to be when you’re worth more dead than alive. 🙂


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