UPDATED It’s Been A Heart Week

I have a relatively benign heart condition.

It’s benign as in it *probably* won’t kill me, but it will make miserable.

I’m currently miserable in a hospital bed. I should go home today, provided the rest of the tests look good.

I’ll post more when I get out.

And don’t worry, I will be fine.

*Update* I posted this yesterday, when it should have posted today-Friday-and I failed to mention what this condition is. It’s called PSVT. I’m still in the hospital, awaiting the stress test. Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. Fingers crossed the tests look good! Hope you’re home soon and feeling better!

  2. Take care CJ. Prayers and virtual hugs aimed in your direction.

  3. archedeyebrows

    Hi CJ. So sorry to hear of your ills 😦 Mama Eyebrows suffered from a-fib. It is no walk in the park, I know.

    However, it is my belief that adding more letters to your condition will help immensely. Therefore, I give you OFF. You now have PSVTOFF. Say it fast. You should be feeling better momentarily.

    You’re welcome. 🙂

  4. Cowinkidinks, I tell ya. I’ve spent this entire week thinking I was having (another) heart attack… feeling like i’m going to pass out when I walked, chest pain, and more. Every test, including the stress test, was completely normal. Appointment after appointment, and needing assistance to get in the door after those nasty car rides. I never thought I’d ever say thank God it’s just the Vertigo getting worse but that’s what I’m singing today. I’m NOT going to drop dead where I stand (dropping is another matter, but Valium works well for the dizzys).

    I do hope you are feeling better and ace the stress test.


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