This Is Intolerable!

I may be the last person in Texas to find this out, but apparently kids are no longer being taught cursive in school!

If you don’t remember, or know, what cursive is go ask Uncle Google.

*waters dying plant in room..the only plant in the room and I can’t seem to remember to water it until it appears to be literally reaching for the faucet with an outstretched (and slightly wilted) leaf..that plant is kinda creepy*

Right, that is what is not being taught.

Our kids, or grandkids if you are old like me, are not being taught how to write.

Except for their signatures.  They are being taught how to do that.

I say this is the beginning of the end for society.

It’s not the Occupy ________(fill in the blank, I prefer “cozy chair with book”) Movement, it’s not the endless wars, it’s not even the “Pants on the Ground” dude…or Dubstep.

It’s the end of gentility.

It’s also going to make it damn-near impossible for future generations to decipher love letters from WWII, time capsules unearthed with handwritten letters to the finders, every doctor’s set of notes ever written, journals and diaries, and I weep for what else.

If you aren’t taught cursive, you can’t read cursive.

I’m getting into my WayForward Machine to take a peek at what’s in store.

*dons jaunty beret, just because she can, tightens her shoelaces and steps into phone booth*

Somewhere near someplace in the year 2075 AD…..

Mopsy:  Ooh, look what we found in the attic of the old Hemingway house!

Flopsy: What are those?

Mopsy:  I don’t know, but there’s a stack of these odd parchment-thingies with strange characters on them.

Flopsy:  Really? What do they do?

Mopsy: Nothing.

Flopsy looks at one of the parchment pieces and finds the characters completely undecipherable, except for the signature at the bottom of one.  It reads “Ernest Hemingway”.

 Flopsy: Huh..I can read the signature, but the rest of it is just probably doodling…let’s use these things to build a bonfire…

And so, the lost manuscript for Hemingway’s loving tribute to his peers, Fitzgerald and the like, is lost forever.


I weep for humanity as I leave the WayForward machine.

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  1. It would worry me too, but that hasn’t happened yet in Jamaica. Our children still learn cursive. I stopped using it decades ago, but I’m glad I learned it.

  2. Everyone get out your shakin’ canes!

    *Shakes his cane*

    Damn kids and their printing!

  3. It was a similar end-of-society moment when they stopping making Latin compulsory in school. Everyone should have to learn Latin, it’s one of the fundamental seed languages.

    • I agree. Because of having learned Latin, Spanis and French became easier to learn and I even discovered that I can read and understand some Rumanian.

  4. It’s tragic the way schools have gone. I just posted a story to my facebook this morning, about my old high school and the way they are trying to re-work the budget. It’s sad & scary, that many kids may lose out on so much more by these options that they are seeking out. It’s bad enough to worry about my own children’s education, or lack thereof, but I worry about where I came from as well, and just, in general.. what’s going to happen when kids just aren’t learning the basics.. like cursive writing.. times tables.. the difference between your & you’re? It’s the downfall of civilization.

  5. It’s the same thing in NC – no more cursive in the classroom. The doctors of tomorrow will have to take special classes in college to learn how to write indecipherably.

  6. Far more terrifying to me is the use of text-“speak” in essays. No, I am not kidding. I have a number of friends who are high school teachers and they show me the appalling things that kids turn in to them. I tried to help my friend with grading one time (a mere 2 page essay assigned in all 4 classes with 30+ students in each class means 240+ pages to read before he could knock off and we could go have fun), but I wasn’t up to the task. There was too much wrong with it. The spelling, the grammar, the “author” telling me what he was “going 2 rite abowt.” I am stocking up on whiskey (and whisky, for that matter) and buying a bomb shelter, because this isn’t going anywhere good.

  7. Bring back some winning lotto numbers on your next trip in the wayforward machine. One day no one will write at all, they will speak in grunts to computers that decipher.

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