Daily Archives: May 8, 2012

And While We’re At It…

Since I’m on a rant about the loss of gentility in the world, how about we discuss that insanity known as…



 Really? Really people?

Do I absolutely have to know that you had oatmeal for breakfast? 

Or that you pooped today?

Is that the legacy you wish to leave?

Is this your tombstone?

          Here lies Mortie Schnozzola, he pooped today.  And then he died.

GAAAHH!  I don’t need to know this, and I’m pretty sure that 40 million other people don’t need to know either.

Now, I use Twitter but only to tweet a new post.   For advertising I find it a useful tool.  I have no idea if I have “followers” or even what a “follower” would be doing following me…unless they have some obsession over my personal habits or breakfast preferences or fangirl crushes.  And, I don’t follow people…or if I do it’s inadvertent and I’ve no idea how to stop…because I don’t remember my Twitter password and WordPress is set up to auto-tweet when I put up a new post.

Other than that, call me a twit but I don’t tweet.

You’re welcome.