And While We’re At It…

Since I’m on a rant about the loss of gentility in the world, how about we discuss that insanity known as…



 Really? Really people?

Do I absolutely have to know that you had oatmeal for breakfast? 

Or that you pooped today?

Is that the legacy you wish to leave?

Is this your tombstone?

          Here lies Mortie Schnozzola, he pooped today.  And then he died.

GAAAHH!  I don’t need to know this, and I’m pretty sure that 40 million other people don’t need to know either.

Now, I use Twitter but only to tweet a new post.   For advertising I find it a useful tool.  I have no idea if I have “followers” or even what a “follower” would be doing following me…unless they have some obsession over my personal habits or breakfast preferences or fangirl crushes.  And, I don’t follow people…or if I do it’s inadvertent and I’ve no idea how to stop…because I don’t remember my Twitter password and WordPress is set up to auto-tweet when I put up a new post.

Other than that, call me a twit but I don’t tweet.

You’re welcome.

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  2. I feel like an unhatched chick. I have yet to tweet. Ahe chick will be tweeting before I ever do.

  3. I love twitter. If it wasn’t for far-flung family and a certain special group of friends, my computer time would be on Twitter. You know how people that aren’t on Facebook yet loathe it (separate group from those of us who use it and loathe it) say, “Why would I want to chat with those people from high school?” Twitter is by no means what you had for breakfast and that you pooped; those people don’t have followers. There are interesting people out there who have found the 140 character limit an intriguing concept. It’s haiku-like.

  4. I found you. I followed you. ha! Now you have 6 followers (me and five porn spammers probably).


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