Daily Archives: May 15, 2012

It’s Storytime!!

I’m not a car gal, but I know enough about cars not to get fooled by fast-spoken mechanicese. That said, I once had a/c problems with a car…in summer…in Texas. After driving around in the 150 degree blast-furnace heat all day I was as patient as a 2-yr. old in the long line to the ladies room.

When the mechanic was finished “hmmm”ing and “oooh”ing under the hood of my car he asked me if I knew what a “figlesnapper” was.

I think that’s a fish, or a type of skateboard..whatever, it’s NOT a part on any car built in this country.

I shook my head.

“Well, you need a new one and it’s gonna run you about $500″

I believe the words used by me in the resulting tirade caused flowers to wilt in the next county, and the mechanic barely got his fingers out of the way of my rapidly-closing hood.  Not my fault his reflexes were slow, I’m just sorry they weren’t slower.

I took it elsewhere and had it fixed for $30..it need a shot of freon.