Daily Archives: May 18, 2012

Am I the Only Person

Who is utterly and completely annoyed by the Facebook postings that say something like, “I’m trying an experiment to see if anyone reads my posts.  Please post one word about me/you/about how we met/about whirled peas/your social security number (don’t worry, it’s safe with me) in the comments and then repost on your wall.”?

So I’ve begun randomly answering this drivel. 

And I never re-post.  Not ever.

“One word about me” –  my response was “attentionwhore”.  Not a word?  Tough shit, it is now.

“Where did we meet?” –  there are so many responses to this one, but my favorite is “Precinct19”  Not just one word? Tough shit and see above.

“One word about you” –  that’s easy – “awesomesauciness”. Not a word?  Yeah, see above.

“One word about whirled peas” –  yeah, that’s gonna be “lindablair”.

See what I did there?  I not only pissed off every one of my “friends” who post this shit, I created a new language.

So, does that make me terribadawful?  Or just an attentionwhore?