Where’d everyone go?

I was getting upwards of 100 hits a day, consistently for the last few weeks – except Saturday and Sunday, which God love y’all, means you do have a life away from the glowy box, and now…this week…it’s like 20-30 per day.

*sniffs armpits*

I showered.  I used deodorant.

Apparently I’m just boring.

*sniffle* Fine..*sniffle*


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  1. Well, I’m still stopping by when I see a new post go up. I don’t always have something clever to say but I’z out here. 😉

  2. Psh, you’re getting more hits than my crafty mommy blog!

    • No fair! Everyone head over to crafty’s blog!

      • I cruise at a daily hit rate of about 30-40. Best day evah!!1! was 115 hits… on the day that I uploaded my ravelry pattern.

        The Library does a bit better. We cruise between 60 and 130 hits most days, though we get some decent spikes of activity. A few weeks ago /something/ happened and our hit count went gaga for about 4 days.

  3. Well… you haven’t made a post with Nazi as the title in a while…

  4. I have a life on weekends 😀

  5. Hi CJ: Sorry for no hits, but I have the perfect excuse 🙂

    I was visiting my granddaughters back east for two whole weeks. Heaven!

    P. S. Hope you are feeling better from the PSVTOFF.

  6. Well, that’s still 30 or 40 more than I usually get.

    Oh, wait – I’m useless at posting regularly. As you were.


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