There Be Geeks Here!

I am a geek, but only about certain things. 

For instance, Star Trek.


And, I’m a complete snob.

Oh I tried to watch Capt. Picard – I find him personally yummy – but he’s no Kirk.

And whatever other iterations of Star Trek there are, or were, or will be completely pale in comparison to my beloved Star Trek: TOS.

I watched every episode, in first run.  And, positively squee with delight when I stumble across re-runs during channel surfing.

I have an NCC-1701 t-shirt, and if you don’t know what that is…you are not worthy.

My keychain is a Starfleet Command symbol.

I have several episodes on my iPhone.

At work, I have a giant coffee mug on my desk emblazoned with one of my favorite Star Trek lines – “Are You Out Of Your Vulcan Mind?”   It serves many purposes.

I’m devoted, to say the least.

I’ve seen every movie…except the first one…multiple times.  Thank God, the powers that be scrapped the outline for the movies after the first and went back to what drives Star Trek – the characters.

I cried…hard…at The Undiscovered Country, when the Captain tells the helmsman to head for a star and go straight on till morning, because I knew that it was the last one where all my beloved “friends” from the future would be together.

Soon DeForest Kelley and Jimmy Doohan were gone, and a “new” Star Trek: TOS based movie was in the works.

It was a prequel, and I was highly skeptical.

I was sure that no one could do Bones like DeForest, nor Scotty like Jimmy, or Kirk like Bill and Spock like Leonard.

I was wrong…blissfully, happily, ecstatically, wrong.  Even if Uhura is nothing like Nichelle..I love the expansion of her role in the new movies.

I saw it on the big screen after reading reviews that touted it as being a great movie, a wonderful homage, and a movie that TOS fans would love.

Boy did I love it. 

I bought it as soon as it came out and have watched it every time it’s on television – sometimes twice in one day.

The other night it was on a station with commercials, and during a commercial hubby changed the channel.



HUBBY: What? You’ve seen that movie like 50 times already!

ME: Yes, but not today!

HUBBY: I give up.

He turned the channel back to my beloved Star Trek, as I took the remote and glared at him.

Do NOT mess with a Star Trek: TOS fan.

Just don’t.

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  1. Ah yes, I thought they did an incredible casting job on several of the characters in the new Star Trek movie! Bones, Spock, and Scotty especially! I didn’t get into much of the other series.. I mean I liked Picard ok, I just never watched a lot of them, and I don’t think I watched any of the others, at least not enough to remember what they were called, or any of their names. But I hear ya, love my original crew, and was pleasantly surprised at how awesome the new movie was. And I want your coffee mug.

  2. It’s so bad with me that I’ve even read the books.

    Loved the new movie.


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